Merry Christmas!
It's time to announce the winners of the Bachido cup competition!

How are you all doing this Christmas?
Thank you very much for participating in the Bachido cup.
Now, the results of the judging have come in, and we are pleased to announce the winners.

We will send an advice message from the judges to each of the contestants.
For those of you who did not receive an award, we hope the message from the judges will encourage you to practice harder and make your shamisen life more enjoyable. We look forward to seeing your further progress.

We hope you will join us again next year, Bachi on!

■ Jyonkara Bushi Begginer Division Winners じょんから節 初級者部門
1st place 中村亮太
2nd place 李淳修 (LEE-TSUN-HSIU)
3rd place 董奎伯(KUEI-PO TUNG)

■ Jyonkara Bushi Advanced Division Winners じょんから節 上級者部門
1st place Yumi Torimaru
2nd place 吉谷祐利 Yoshigai
3rd place 倪瑞興 ゲイズイコー

■ Freestle Division Winners オリジナルソロ部門 ( 自由なスタイルで演奏。)
1st place Anni Stumpf
2nd place 吉谷祐利 Yoshigai
3rd place Dennis Seiter

■ Ensemble Division Winners トラック部門 ( 指定のトラックの上で演奏。)
1st place Yumi Torimaru
2nd place Aondrea Stumpf
3rd place 吉谷祐利 Yoshigai

■ Sound Recording Prize Winners サウンドレコーディング賞 (十分な録音環境やミキシングや音の良さに評価。)
(This prizes are given to the person who has the best sound in each division.There is no ranking of winners.)

・Begginer Lee tsun hsiu
・Advanced  武宗
・Ensemble  吉谷祐利 Yoshigai・Freestle Anni Stumpf
・Freestyle Aondrea Stumpf